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Earth Skills Instructor Training Level Three:

The Wilderness Skills Trek

Spring, 2018, Dates TBA

(Monday 9:00 am to Friday 5:00 pm)

Location:   Hawk Circle Wilderness Education, Cherry Valley, NY

Cost:  $600


For Students Ages 16 and up. 

Enrollment is limited to 10 participants.


If you already have some instructor skills, or if you just want some flat out awesome wilderness survival training, this program is for you.


We start off with a thorough survival training overview, combined with nature awareness and earth skills crafts like quick bows, traps, bone tools and earth philosophy.   


We then jump into building survival shelters, to prepare for our survival trek.   We'll spend two days and nights out in the woods of Hawk Circle, putting the skills we've learned to the test, in the field.  


Campfire cooking skills, gathering, tracking, tree identification, carving and more will be experienced and covered, so you will have real field experience there also.


Here is a list of skills we'll be covering in this program:


Earth Philosophy

Priorities of Survival

Debris Survival Shelters

Grass Mats and Insulation

Flint & Steel Fire Making

Bow & Drill Fire Making

Making Jerky and Energy Bars

Developing a Spring for Water

Campfire Cooking and Camp Skills

Coal Burning & Containers

Quick Bows/Spears/Hunting Tools

Wild Edible Plants and Trees

and much more!



Once you register, you'll be given an equipment list and other course details and information!    Or email us if you have any questions.


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