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Earth Skills Instructor Training Level Four:

Getting Experience

Spring, 2018

Location:   Hawk Circle Wilderness Education, Cherry Valley, NY

Cost:  $75 per week.

For Ages 18 and up. 

Enrollment is limited to 4 participants.



Once you have have a foundation of skills, teaching and instructing tools, created your instructor's toolkit and have spent some time out in the bush getting 'dirt time', you are pretty much all ready to go.   


You're only missing one more thing:   Experience.


You need time both trying out the teaching yourself, over and over again, with different groups.  You need time watching seasoned instructors guide groups through transformational retreats, and you need time to experience what these programs 'feel' like both at the beginning, during and at the end.


In this program, you'll work with me and the Hawk Circle Staff Instructors to create awesome programs for school groups that spend three to five days at our camp.   You will both observe and support instructors, and, if you feel ready, actually try your hand at instructing in skills or activities within the first few weeks.


You'll also get the staff training that accompanies the Hawk Circle Spring Class Trip season, which covers safety, programming, staff roles, scheduling, program supplies and tools, student orientation and more.  


Another benefit of this program is the personal mentoring and coaching you'll get with me, twice a week, for six weeks, where we can move you through your goals and get answers to your questions, as well as some additional training specific to your needs.


By the time this program is over, you will be confident in both supporting and and active roles in youth programs.   If your skills are practiced and strong, and you have a good work ethic and you work well with a team, you will get a letter of recommendation that will be good for any wilderness education program or youth nature education organization or summer camp.  


Participants who are a good fit for Hawk Circle may be offered a Hawk Circle Wilderness Summer Camp Instructor position, as well.   


Your opportunities open when you show you have dedication, training, practice and real time experience.  


Here's What You'll Learn:

Conservation of Energy

The Importance of Names

Setting Program Boundaries

Teamwork & Compromise

Weather or Behavior Issues

Program Adaptation & Flow

Final Council Experience

Campfire Activity Management

Social Games & Connection

Program Preparation

Leading Nature Hikes and Walks

Scheduling & Logistical Support

and more...


Once you register, you'll be given an equipment list and other course details and information!    Or email us if you have any questions.


Please Note:   Due to the intensive nature of this training, you will have limited time to do tanning or other detailed wilderness skills during your time off.   We suggest as part of our roles as mentors and educators,  that you get some 'down time' to decompress, relax and enjoy the farmer's market, or a trip out for pizza.  


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