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Earth Skills Instructor Training Level One:

Earth Skills Instructor Intensive

Spring, 2018 Dates TBA

(Monday 9:00 am to Friday 5:00 pm)

Location:   Hawk Circle Wilderness Education, Cherry Valley, NY

Cost:  $600


For Students Ages 18 and up. 

Enrollment is limited to 10 participants.


This program gives participants the foundation of skills that are absolutely essential to becoming a powerful earth skills instructor who can share these ancient skills in a transformational way.   


We begin with the power of storytelling, and the understanding of how the many facets of stories can help us inspire, create safety, teach and also connect with the natural world.


We'll also cover the many forms of mentoring, and the different roles instructors play throughout a retreat, workshop, summer camp, homeschool program or afterschool class. 


Mythology, and group dynamics, as well as program design and planning will be covered, through partipating in games, activities and focused study.   


We'll also work on several wilderness skills, crafts and get some time in the woods as well, just to break up the class day and keep us from getting 'information overload'!


What You'll Learn:

Storytelling for Inspiration and Teaching

Group Dynamics & Leadership

Mentoring Process and Approach

Instructor Process and Approach

Setting Program Boundaries

Safety Protocols

Archetypal Mythology & Student Connection

Program Planning and Age Appropriate Activities

Connection Games, Activities and Campfire Fun

Professional Development

Communicating with Your Team

Working with Organizations and Schools

Business Leadership & Marketing Strategies

Daily Skill Practice & Ongoing Nature Crafts

Program Evaluation

and much more!


I promise that at the end of this program, you will have the tools and working knowledge to bring your teaching and mentoring skills to a whole new level, and be on your way to creating dynamic, powerful programs that get results!


Once you register, you'll be given an equipment list and other course details and information!    Or email us if you have any questions.


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