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The Earth Skills Seven (or Fourteen) Day Challenge

Next Challenge starts July 2-9, 2017!


This is a free virtual event that demonstrates the power of practicing these nature and wilderness skills on a daily basis.


Commit to practicing the wilderness skill of your choice for 15-20 minutes a day for seven days, and celebrate as a larger group committed to growing our skills with the support of a virtual tribe!


We'll post our commitment and goal prior to the first day, and agree to work on our chosen skill for 15-20 minutes each day at a prescribed time, (before work, during a lunch break, after dinner, etc) and fill out a very short journal entry and share photos or your learning story with our Facebook Group. 


It's free to join, and you can bring your friends. The more, the merrier! We'll share ideas prior to the challenge, and be able to learn as we go in the privacy of our group, too.


I know from experience that when we work on a skill every day, our learning skyrockets and when we have a goal and purpose, it's amazing how good it feels to achieve and grow.


I want to share that feeling with you all, and hope you will join me and my staff as we make this event meaningful, not only for ourselves, but for our kids and our future. We need all the nature skills we can get, absolutely!


Hope to see you in the group!


Did I mention it's going to be fun????


Invite your friends.  Do it with your partner or your kids.   Do this challenge with your co-workers, or your team!


It's free, fun and you'll be amazed how fast you grow.


Here's What You Can Practice:


Fire Making with Matches, Bow & Drill, Hand Drill or Flint & Steel

Basket Making

Flint Knapping Stone Tools

Tracking and Awareness

Meditation and Secret Spot

Arrows or Bow Making

Natural Fiber Cordage, String and Rope

First Aid Skills

Knots and Lashings

Shelter Building

Natural Campfire Cooking and Camp Skills

Grass Mats and Blankets

Bone Tools

Herbal Studies, Teas, Tinctures and Plant Studies

Tree Studies

Rawhide, Buckskin and Bark Tanning 

Traps and Snares

Archery Practice

Spears, Throwing Sticks, Blow Gun Darts, Fish Spears

Weather Journaling and Study


and many, many more!


Some Useful Planning Guides and Journals that support your Earth Skills Challenge experience:
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