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"There is no better time to learn these skills, as there are thousands of people all around us, right now, at this very moment, feeling lonely, disconnected, lost, disempowered and scared.   They are searching for something real, something healing, something powerful and alive.   We can offer these experiences to these searchers in ways that heal and awaken, and we can do it without having to have spent decades in the wilderness, too.    You probably already have most of what you need in terms of experience and skills right now, and you just need honing and some small adjustments to create something amazing and fulfilling.   I can help you put it together and take it to a whole new level."  -Ricardo Sierra

Going Pro:

Becoming a Transformational  Instructor

When someone has a 'transformational' experience, they are touched at a deep, primal level of their being.  It's not an intellectual thing, really, but something where their heart opens and they experience a new part of themselves.   These people grow in ways that they never expected, and it changes them forever.


How do we do this consistently? 


If they have this 'event' while in your care, do you know why it happened?   Can you duplicate this with your clients and groups?


I've been teaching children, teens, adults and staff for over 26 years, in all kinds of settings, program structures, mixed groups and various program goals.   I've learned is that there are specific elements that you can build into your approach that will help you make these transformations common.  I can't guarrantee that it will happen with everyone, but it will fundamentally change the way you approach your craft and how people experience your work.


Most wilderness educators and nature instructors tend to copy the styles and skills lessons that their instructors used to teach them, which is natural, but often there are details involved that we don't remember when we try to think back on how we were taught.  Those details add up to different results, which can be frustrating and leave you trying to 'recreate the wheel'.


What happens when we 'Go Pro'?


When we 'go professional', we move beyond the amateur stage to a new place, where we hone our skills and learn to be very specific about what we do and how we do it.  We incorporate not just skill instruction but stories, environments, activities and team building.   We begin to understand the deeper power each activity holds, and how to use them effectively with different age groups and for different effect.


We build programs with our students in mind, and we shape them to produce the exact results we are looking for.   We develop a 'recipe' that can be used again and again, creating a reputation for safety, transformation and forge strong bonds with our students for life.


This Program Will Give You Your Own "Recipe"


I won't kid you:  To make this happen, it's going to take time.  You will have homework.  You will have to pay attention.   You will get info through conference calls and private coaching.   You'll share your work in a small community of commited instructors and guides who are working towards the same goals.   It's all private, so you can learn in a supportive, positive environment.   


I have a passion for sharing these skills, so you will be excited doing this work.  It's fun to learn things that work, and it's also fun to share your successes.  I am fiercely loyal to everyone in my circle, and I will make sure that you will get your questions answered, and get whatever vision or program you are creating the most powerful it can be, and tailor it to your unique passion and skills.


Better Results = Better Compensation


Getting paid is one of the key side effects of producing consistent results.   It comes when you can stand behind your work, and fully understand it's value.   It's also part of learning to connect with clients who can afford to contract your services.


The Program:


Going Pro is a nine month, online program that meets three times a week through conference and private calls.   It can be done anywhere in the world, and you should expect to do between three to five hours of work to complete your training and meet your goals.  


Each participant in this program gets two thirty minute private calls a month, as well as a group conference calls with other members of the program.   You'll get  PDF worksheet files, that take you through the various teaching and skills and help you refine and hone your programs and your unique vision and passion.   You will also get  video and audio trainings posted in our own private Facebook Group, where you can share ideas and your results, and get answers to your questions too.


The cost of this program is $2,000, with a deposit due at enrollment of $400 and eight monthly payments of $200 paid throughout the course.  You can also opt to save $200 and make one payment of $1,800 at enrollment, if you prefer.   


Here's what you get:

This program will start with helping you assess your own skills, your particular 'niche' and hone your program content and delivery to a 'transformational' level.   This happens through weekly assignments that are easy, fun and very eye-opening, that allow you to see your work and yourself in new ways.   We do two private phone sessions each month, as well as assignments sent by emails or in our private Facebook group on the following content:    


Beginning and Advanced Storytelling Skills 

The Elements of Rites of Passage (for any audience or group)

Role-Modeling Essentials 

Mastery of Your Specific Skill Set (tailored for your target audience)

Prepping your Program Materials

Parent/Administrators/Coworker Relationship Strategies

Age Appropriate Activity Planning

Safety & Hazard Training

Marketing & Communications Essentials

Overcoming Stagefright & Pre-Program Jitters

Archetypal Psychology & Mythology

Getting Hired/Getting Paid

The Benefits and Risk of 'Non-Native Ceremony'

Community & Organizational Scouting

Program Pricing

The Power of Evaluations and Benchmarks

Program Design

Student/Participant Connection

Program Troubleshooting

Transformation-The Inner Game

Opening Your Program

Closing Your Program

The Power of the Program Environment

Training Your Partners and Your Team Members

Website and Social Media Communications Training

Personal Growth and Motivation

Community and Networking


This is just a partial list of topics we will cover in the nine months of working together.  Many of them will be things you can adopt and use immediately in your work with your clients to improve your programs and add depth and power to the experience.


We will also cover other topics as they arise, many of them being specific to your personal situation, and your program and instructor goals.   


If this program is interesting to you, please send me an email on the contact page, or schedule a call to explore if this program is a good fit for your needs and goals.

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