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Some Videos I've Done About My Work.

The Four Priorities of building a Sustainable, Visionary, Nature-Based Business


This video talks about how, just like in a wilderness survival setting, you have certain priorities and skills that you need to learn and master, to help you not only survival but thrive and flourish.   I share about how and why they are important, and how they relate to brining your vision to life in today's modern world, where it's never been needed more!

Why Wilderness Programs
Need to Be Sustainable


I talk about some of the origins of our current wilderness school models, and begin a conversation about why our schools and initiatives need to move away from being pioneering and into a more stable structure.

Seven Things Every Wilderness Educator Should Know To Be Awesome (and Get Paid)


This is my best tips for young instructors or educators, that offer guidance based on my 26 years of teaching wilderness skills to children, youth, families and adults, as well as being a camp and program director for that same amount of time.

The Myth of Competition

My take on how Aboriginal Wilderness Skills instructors/schools and supporters can help each other and the movement as a whole, and why it's vital to share, like and comment on each other's blogs and pages, too...

Why Nature Journaling Is Important for Children​​

There is an important part of continued learning AFTER the hike, or exploring adventure outside, where children write about what they saw, draw tracks, leaves, feathers or flowers.   It's here where they take the images and patterns found in nature and begin to internalize it, and add their own creativity and expression and feeling.   Check out why I think it's a great idea to add these to your nature program!

A Winter Campfire Challenge for Kids

A quick video of how children can benefit from a survival challenge that is fun, exciting and allows them to learn in a safe setting where they can test their skills!







My Three Biggest Insights from Doing the Wolverine Way Summit


You'll probably be surprised by these three moments taken out of the hundreds and hundreds of minutes that 29 hour-long interviews add up to!  


Check it out!

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