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Online Programs 

& Trainings


The online world offers many benefits to people who would love to receive training and connection, but either don't have the time or money to travel to a residential program.    


Using Conference Calls, Private Coaching Calls, Written Assignments, Training Videos, Audio Trainings and Private Facebook Groups, we can do amazing things and give people anywhere in the world powerful skills, tools and strategies to help them in their quest to learn.


You get personal support and accountability.

You get trainings you can listen or watch again and again.

You get worksheets that move you through the curriculum and keep you on track.

You get a network of other students and educators, for ongoing encouragement.

You get access to years of experience, infused with both business and earth skills connection and strategies.

You get tremendous personal growth support, to help you attain the best mindset approach to achieving your goals.


Click the programs to the left to discover how these trainings can help you get where you want to be!

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