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The Bards & Demigods Youth Retreat 
for Mythologists & Poets ages 10-13 
with special guests from the UK/London!
Jonny Walker & Adisa the Verbalizer
April 30-May 3, 2024 

“We were like gods at the dawning of the world, & our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.”

                                                                                                   ― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles

Join us in the mysterious and beautiful forests at Hawk Circle, for a four-day retreat focused on getting deeply mythical, at The Camp of Bards and Demigods!

Bards were the ancient poets and storytellers, and without them, we would not know what went on in the times of the Ancient Greeks.


We wouldn’t know about the Gods, the Half-Gods, the Beasts and the Battles - the snakes of Medusa, the horns of the Minotaur and the weird transformations of Zeus!

In The Camp of Bards and Demigods, you will keep the mythic tradition alive - you will become a myth-teller, a creative writer, and you will step into the shoes of the demigods too.  We will develop the skills of the bow and arrow, and tell the tales of Apollo and Artemis


We will build the fires of Hephaestus and Hestia, and forge our own weapons.  We will make our libations to the muses, and let the power of poetry flow through our hands!  We will explore the forests of Demeter, and learn the secrets of the trees!   


You will carve mythical symbols in stone, and craft your own swords or spears around the campfire! 

Here's What We'll Do:

- Create our own mythical tales

- Bring the old myths to life

- Learn the skills of Hephaestus, making tools and weapons

- Develop our archery skills like Artemis and Apollo

- Meet the sprites and nymphs of the forests

- Have our own Dionysia party by the campfire

- Create and share our own poems, inspired by the Muses

- Forge new friendships and make new memories

- Deepen your knowledge of mythology

- Have a thoroughly enjoyable four days of 'mything'

Wilderness Skills

We will learn to create fire, carve symbols of power into stone necklaces and create magical portals along the trails and forests!

Language Arts

You'll create your own poetry, stories, myths and lore.    We will explore rhyme, prose and descriptive imagery that will be infused with our epic adventures!

Experiential Learning

We will enter the forest to track the wild things, gather insight from the oracles, and seek our own power.   Our strength flows from our combined flow of words & methaphors!

Elemental Nature

The morning mist, the warmth of the campfires, the dark blue skies filled with stars all support our work as we explore our human nature, our ancient roots and vital imagination.

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Jonny Walker

Jonny Walker is a gigantic teacher and children’s author from London, England. He writes mythical books, has taught over 2,000 kids about Greek mythology across the world.


He is a ‘Star Educator’ on Outschool - check out his profile here.


He is the author of ‘Stories of the Seas’, a collection of ocean myths, and ‘Myths Don’t Frighten Me’, a weird little tale of Apollo and Artemis set in a shopping mall!


And finally, he says - though we cannot tell if he is lying - that he is secretly Poseidon in disguise.


Ricardo Sierra

Ricardo is the co-founder and co-director of the Hawk Circle Wilderness Education & Retreat Center.   He has led epic quests into the deepest wilds of Maine, New York, Utah and beyond, seeking solace and adventure in the heart of nature.

He enjoys teaching fire making skills, wilderness survival, nature awareness & tracking as well as lots of hand-made crafts and art.

He lives in Cherry Valley, NY with his family and is always in search of good campfire wood

Jonny and Adisa have worked together to lead Poetry Retreats for children aged 9-11 since 2016. These
retreats take children from the most disadvantaged boroughs of East London out into the New Forest, on
the south-coast of England, for four days of creative writing. This project has led to over 300 children having their writing published in ouranthologies, whil
st also providing them with social, emotional and pastoral learning opportunities.

See a glimpse of our retreats in this video and this article.

Jonny and Adisa are excited to be working with the expert forest educator Ricardo Sierra to
deliver this rich, immersive and lively camp for myth-loving learners. It is a great opportunity to
make new friends, develop new skills, explore the wilderness safely, and to develop your own
love of words with two professional writers and storytellers.

      If you like Percy Jackson, Greek Myths, and weird adventures … you’ll love it.



Lodging & Food

Participants will stay in heated cabins and enjoy home cooked meals throughout the Retreat. 

 (We can accommodate some dietary restrictions with advanced notice.)


Getting Here

We are located near Cooperstown in Central New York, and can arrange airport, bus or train pickup from Albany NY with advanced notice for an additional fee. 

Get our directions address here if you are driving!  

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   Program Dates: April 30-May 3, 2024

Program Fee:     $895

Includes Lodging, Meals, all Instruction and Craft Materials throughout the program.

Open to 15 participants.    

To Make Different Payment Arrangements,

please email Ricardo at

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