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Download a detailed Brochure about the Earth Skills Course here!

Wilderness Skills Training at your pace, in your own backyard. 


This is Ten Blocks of Earth Skills, including fire making, shelters, water, natural cordage, trees and plants study, cooking, camp skills, safety, philosophy, and instructor training.   


Perfect for college students looking for wilderness skills training, or homeschoolers who want outdoor skills curriculum they can do as part of their school year, or anyone who just wants to practice their skills in their own bio-region.


Affordable, Flexible and Comprehensive


The course includes membership in a private Facebook group with other students from all over the country, who are taking the course.  You can ask questions, post examples of your work, develop your skills, and take part in a monthly conference call where I answer your questions about whatever you are currently working on, and share tips and skills appropriate for the season.


This course also includes an Earth Skills Assessment Test where you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, and learn about what you are going to discover through the program material.


The course is currently sold out.    Super sorry we ran out!

The video version/pdf/audio

version is coming soon!

Here's what you get: 

Each block contains elements of wilderness survival, awareness, plants, trees, philosophy and more that are all essential to understanding how to live in the wild.


Block One

The Earth Skills Comprehension Test, Reading List, Establishing Your Training Area, First Aid & Safety, Back-Up Gear, Journaling Skills, Attitude & Philosophy

Block Two

Debris Shelter Location & Construction, First Night In Your Shelter, Tree Identification, Weather Journaling, Safety & Hazards "Widow-makers", Attitude & Philosophy "Ethical Harvesting"

Block Three

Shelter Problem-Solving & Modifications, Protective Awning, Second Night in Your Shelter, Grass Mats, Water Collection, Tree Study, Safety & Hazards "Campfires and Shelters", Attitude & Philosophy "Staying Motivated"

Block Four

Third Night in Your Shelter, Solar Still, Tipi Fires & Fire Safety, Fire Tongs, Building Your Reflector Wall, Coal Burning, Tree Study, Knife Safety, Attitude & Philosophy "Wolverine Medicine"

Block Five

Fourth Night in Your Shelter, Plants & Water Collection, Bow Drill Fire-making, Tinder Collection, Coal Burning a Bowl, Tree Study, Teacher Training, Cold Weather Hazards, Personal Safety

Block Six

Fifth Night in Your Shelter, Banking Your Campfire, Knots, Cordage, Natural Fibers, Bow Drill Practice, Tree Study, Storytelling, Comforts versus Needs, Heat Related Injuries

Block Seven

Sixth Night in Your Shelter, Advanced Bow Drill Skills, Bow Drill Modifications, Basic Rock Tools, Teas, Tree Study, Conservation of Energy, Inspiring Your Students

Block Eight

Seventh Night in Your Shelter, Bow Drill Fire with Rock Tools, Acorns & Cattails, Cooking, Fire Hardening, Coal Burning, Plant Study, Safety & Hazards "Hunters and the Human Animal", Teacher Training "The Teaching Environment", Attitude & Philosophy "Thanksgiving"

Block Nine

Eighth Night in Your Shelter, Pit Cooking, Rock Oven, Bark Containers, Transpiration, Fir Study, Teacher Training "Personal Preparation", Safety & Hazards "Insects & Snakes", Plant Study, Attitude & Philosophy "Being Fully Present"

Block Ten

Ninth Night in Your Shelter, Restoring Your Training Area, Pines & Grasses, Fire Test, Teacher Training "Lesson Plans & Logistics", Professional Development, Plant Study, Earth Skills Comprehension Test, Final Thoughts


***  Private Facebook Group with Ricardo and the other Earth Skills      

       Correspondence Course Students.


***  Topic Specific Conference Calls with Ricardo Sierra


***   Video Training Programs on Specific Skills



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