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The Polaris Project:

Visionary Business Coaching Program


This is a three month coaching program that delivers four major elements that any successful visionary needs to connect with lots of students or clients, serve them at a high level, and get results, both programmatically and financially.   It is accomplished online, through conference calls, video and audio training, PDF worksheets and private coaching.


The four elements you need are listed below:


The first is Clarity:   Getting clear on what you want, and what you are offering.


The second is Finding Your Ideal Client:   Who do you specifically want to work with, and serve?


The third is Developing Your Signature Program:   Creating a program that will serve your clients and deliver amazing results and value.


The fourth is Engagement:   Learning how to Engage Your Ideal Client through Multiple Means, to allow you to give you a wide reach of people who will benefit from your work.


Check out the video about this program, and if it sounds like it could help you and your work, please schedule a call with me to talk about it:


Schedule a Complimentary Strategy/Exploration Call with Rick


Please Note:   This program is offered through group and private calls, as well as part of a private Facebook Forum, videos and audio recordings and worksheets that help move people quickly through this process and get results, find success and get paid for your work.   This takes place in your own home, with no travel costs, and it works with your schedule, so you can do this while also working full time, or going to school or whatever is going on in your life.


It is also a very focused and powerful program that will challenge many assumptions you may have about nature programs, wilderness education, visionary businesses, and personal growth, and help you achieve your goals.



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