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A Live Online Course Starting March 19th, 2024
Enrollment is limited to 8 participants



Most Nature Educators would rather make an atlatl dart than deal with all of the business details that keep our programs running.

But Someone's

Gotta Do It.

 I'm here to help. 

This Mastermind gives you four months of focused attention to help your vision soar.   We get creative.   We do the work.   We make timely decisions.   We build new skills.   We grow your network.

You'll get a multitude of ways to become more efficient, more profitable and keep changing lives.                                     

                                             -  Ricardo Sierra 

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What You Get:

◊   Seven 90 Minute Live Zoom Presentations

◊   Seven 90 Minute 'Workshop' Sessions

◊   Extensive Logs, Worksheets, Assessments & Resources

◊   Marketing, Networking, Program Promotion

◊   Website Optimization & Conversion Assessment

◊   Budgeting, Operations Streamlining & Development

◊   Signature Program Development & Enhancement

◊   Two Ask Me Anything Sessions & Private Consultations


Essential Business Skills Specifically for
Program Directors

When we're the directors, we look after a multitude of details every day.


Many times, we are training ourselves.   


We make big decisions in a vaccum.   


We know there probably is a better way to make things happen, but are unsure of where to get meaningful support that will actually move the needle of our success, and not just be 'feel good' coaching.

(Been There.   Done That.)


If any of this feels relevant to your situation,

this program might help you get where you're going!

Image by Luke Porter

Who Is This For?

Executive Directors  --- After School Program Leaders --- Homeschool Leaders

Summer Camp Directors --- Independent Naturalists --- Museum Directors

Forest Therapy Leaders --- Forest School Directors --- Bushcraft Instructors



Forest Curriculum & Planning

Program Environment & Safety

Lesson Planning & Daily Rhythm

Program & Activity Assessment

Support Staff Training

Age Appropriate Activities

Program Adaptation & Adjustment

Communication with Admin/Parents

The Hawk Circle Program 'Recipe' 

and more.

Daniel and Eli #2.jpg


Forest Skills and Activities

Leading Skills Challenges & Games

Tracks & Sign- Ten Step Exercise, Animal Studies & Follow the Leader

Nature Awareness, Movement & Sensory Exercises

The Value of Practical Life Skills

Birds, Plants, Trees and Weather Study & more



Nature Crafts & Handwork

Ancient Tools for Modern Youth

Seasonal Gathering & Materials Prep

Stone Tools & Digging Sticks

Gifts of the Trees- Woven Willow Trays

Woodcraft Basics- Wooden Pendants

Leathercraft- Making Deerskin Pouches

Natural Fibers- Cordage & String Skills

Economical Craft Supplies Resources  

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Program Format

◊  Seven 90 Minute Zoom Sessions

(These are Live Lecture/Discussion Format presenting detailed 'Core Elements' curriculum)

◊  Seven 90 Minute Work Sessions

  (These are Live 'Workshops' where we actually work on our websites, social media posts, staff  hiring questions & reference check notes, etc. in a group, to prevent 'decision paralysis' and get things done!)

◊  Pre-Recorded Skills & Crafts Videos


◊   Nature Journal PDFs 

(Provides inspiration for your own curriculum support & student engagement.)


◊  PDF Worksheets for Course Content 

◊   Audio Stories to Inspire Your Storytelling


◊   Two 'Ask Me Anything' Sessions 

(For questions that are more detailed and unique to your own programs.)


◊   Individual 'Done For You' Work is available on a limited basis charged at discounted rates if needed.

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"Ricardo helped us grow our North Wind Wilderness Program from a cool idea to a functional and running business.  Our classes are in demand, and we are doing more of them. The tools that were delivered to us during our program have been absolutely invaluable!"

Blake Southard | Founder | Northwind Wilderness Program | Minnesota

"Working with Ricardo is one of the most inspiring and instructive experiences I have ever done.   To say that he puts out 110% while mentoring is an understatement.  His passion to share his experience and knowledge is so contagious that you leave each session bursting with enthusiasm, hope, ideas and plans. If you get stuck in your process, Ricardo is always available to help you through to the next step.  This personal attention is worth it's weight in gold."

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 7.42.21 PM.png

Cory Stevens | Founder/Director | Paleo Play Forest Skills For Kids | Alberta, Canada

Ricardo Sierra

     The Forest Educator programs are where I am sharing the formula or 'recipe' we have used at Hawk Circle for over 33 years, to achieve powerful results for children, teens & adults.   This formula works because it follows the natural patterns of our ancestor's connection with the natural world for hundrends of thousands of years. It offers tools for transformation, mental health, creativity and leadership, all things that educators everywhere can use right now."

Ricardo Sierra

Hawk Circle Wilderness Education Director

Course Dates Spring 2024
March  19, 26, April 2
(Each Live Session run on
Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm Eastern Time)
All Sessions are Recorded.   
This program includes two additional 'Ask Me Anything' sessions, TBA during the program.

◊  Click the green box to register!

◊  Last Chance to participate at this 2023 price!


◊  Price increases to $450 January 12

◊  Participants get Lifetime Access to Course curriculum and online sessions in future classes.

  • What are some of the benefits of adding Forest Education Curriculum to my program?
    Students often display a greater capacity for creativity, problem solving, team building, cooperation, focus and enthusiasm through developing their connection to nature. The exact 'results' depend on the length and quality of the program, as well as the content shared and the goals of the program. We cover how to get these results in your own program through design, activity content and your own goals and objectives in this program.
  • What is the format of each live session?
    Great question! Each session includes at least two 'Skill Spotlights', ample Q & A, Program Worksheets, and an Extended Participant Consulting period that allows participants to get detailed insight on any topic related to creating a Forest experience for their students. Here's how the schedule is set up: 1. Welcome/Introduction/Session Outline 2. Spotlight on a SpecificTopic (Program Goals, Assessment, Safety, etc) 3. Short Question/Answer 4. Spotlight on a Specific Activity (Worksheets, Craft or Skill) 5. Short Question/Answer 6. Individual Participant Support and Consulting 7. Preview of next week's Session Topics. Note: It's possible that the session may adapt or change if it's determined to be more helpful to participant needs. The goal is to educate and assist, not overwhelm! Some sessions may spotlight several more topics if they are short in nature and more quickly covered.
  • How can I get the most out of this program?
    The best way to get the full value of this program is to take some time to determine what questions you have about Forest Education and your own program and send them in via email or Facebook/Instagram Direct Message, so Ricardo can build each session out with your needs in mind. Also, think about your program from the perspective of your administrative team (if you have one), your peers or support team (if you have one), your students, and your student's parents, and include any questions you think THEY might have about what you are creating/planning. Attend each session and send in any thoughts, feedback or questions the day before so you can be sure Ricardo will know what you need for that session. Stay active in the Private Facebook Group so you can get to know some of the other participants and have a place to go after the program to get more questions or advice moving forward.
  • Is this course for beginners?
    Yes, this course is designed for any educators or youth leaders who are wanting to add more nature activities, crafts and skills to their programs with students. Having previous or current education experience is beneficial but not absolutely necessary. You do not need to have extensive wilderness or naturalist training to begin using this curriculum to enhance your program.
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