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A Forest Educator Audio Story: In Which I Encounter Environmental Education For The First Time

The year was 1990, and the place was Sonoma County, California. I got hired by an environmental education center to help lead middle and elementary students from the Bay Area and help them discover the wonder of nature!

I was a fully engaged and passionate wilderness skills guy, suddenly plunged into the wild world of environmental education1. It was an adventure filled with fear, excitement, sudden twists and turns and ultimately one that would help me throughout more than three decades of working with youth, adults and staff in the wild!

I made an audio blog post about my experience, so you can pull up a log around my virtual campfire, and listen as I break down what happened, and the lessons learned! Click HERE to listen and download if you like. Enjoy, and as always, leave a message or comment if you feel moved to do so!


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