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Remembering The Reasons Why

It's always been about the children, and about the beautiful, delicate, sweet parts of nature that need our help and protection to survive.

It's always been about helping my staff grow and get better and build new skills.

It's always been about leaving something behind that is good, and true and wholesome and real, so it actually means something.

It's always been about having a real impact, rather than going for cheap special effects or buzzwords or the flavor of the month.

It's always been about holding a vision for a different future, and maybe, cultivating real joy and hope that we can navigate intense coming days of change.

It's always been about slowing down so we can see glimpses of the magic that still infuses this world, so we can fill ourselves with the good stuff instead of the unending thirst that our culture creates in the wasteland.

It's always been about myths and archetypes, and aspirations to understand who we are in a universe filled with chaos and roads that lead to nowhere.

It's always been about the satisfying feeling of fingers and hands that are tired from picking berries, weaving a basket, carving a spoon or shaping some clay.

It's always been about laughing and sharing stories around a warm campfire, under the stars.

It's always been about a deep love for the earth, that is ancient and strong.

I'd like to share what I know with everyone who cares about these things and wants to heal through nature. I know not eveyone hears this call, and that's okay.

But there are literally around 79 million children in the US who are craving a connection with an adult who can really 'see' them, and can open the door to a new, different and magical world, and guide them through the Rites of Passage and out the other side, renewed and energized and inspired.

If there was ever a tme for us all to take action for the benefit of humanity, now is that time. The differences we make today will echo loud in the decades to come for us all.


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