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The Forest Educator Podcast: First Episodes

The first few weeks of a podcast is very critical to it's long term success, because the algorithm determines what is valuable and important to listeners based on Episode Downloads, Episode Listens and also Episode Reviews, too.

Leaving an authentic review, after actually listening to an episode, is huge. Sharing that episode with someone else, is also really awesome and super helpful.

If you are just finding out about this show, thank you for listening and checking it out!

We launched with the first three episodes, and I am including the first two here. I will write more about my interview with Jude Vinton in another post, because she deserves all of the attention, and no distractions!

It's pretty obvious that starting with the definition of a 'Forest Educator' would be a great first step, so I decided to share MY interpretation, and how I see the vast spectrum of nature based educators is maybe different than one coming from, say, an environmental educator, or from a teacher, or summer camp director. I get REALLY WIDE in my assessment, and I am looking forward to bringing some good conversations to you in future shows.

(I guess I'm giving a major hint about who you might expect on one of my upcoming shows!)

My second episode is about MY origin story, from the perspective of my professional journey and my own training and inspiration. I figured it's a good idea to let you all get a peek inside my world, and know a little more about me, so you can have some background and some stories to connect with me other than my voice and questions!

This kind of format is very revealing for me, and while I am not a particularly private person in general, it's always a little awkward to know what I should share, what might be too much, and how to say some things that might be sensitive, if you know what I mean. In today's social world, it's easy to see and know people who have gotten a LOT of attention in a negative way, and I believe in being cautious and caring in my approach, while still being authentic and keeping things real and grounded, etc.

As you listen to some of these shows, please know that I NEVER intend any hurt or harm to anyone, and if I cross the line, I hope you'll let me know, so I can make amends and keep learning and growing. The world is changing very quickly in a lot of ways, and as a member of the older generation of nature based program leaders, it's easy to miss a detail that is important to many of you, unintentionally.

I hope it's clear to everyone that my message and philosophy and view is that we need everyone, from all backgrounds, doing what we can to help make positive change. Even when some are very different from what we are used to, it's all vital that we keep a door open for understanding, for dialogue and healing, so we can all grow together and make it through this powerful time of transition for our culture and species.

Enjoy these first few episodes, and thank you for listening, and for the work you do!


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